Looking for Residential Cleaning Services?

Looking for Residential Cleaning Services?

Find house cleaning in Augusta or Portland, Maine

Have you watched as an entire army of dust bunnies develop under your furniture? Can you swab a thick line of dust off your tables and countertops? We understand-cleaning your home is often a full-time responsibility. We have so many other obligations to worry about on our calendars besides housework-what if you could leave the cleaning to professionals? That's where we come in.

Clean Up Group NE is your go-to local business for residential cleaning in Winthrop or the greater Augusta, ME area. A thorough, regular cleaning for your home is extremely important for a variety of reasons. If you've been avoiding the vacuuming or disinfecting for too long, the consequences include:

  • Rising levels of stress
  • Introducing rodents or insects to your home
  • Contracting food-borne illnesses
  • Having a higher risk of asthma and allergy attacks
These problems can be severe, and they can start to pile up quickly. We've been service the house cleaning needs of the greater Augusta, ME area for over 30 years. It's never too late to call us to get started. Contact our representatives today for a free estimate.

Give your home the deep clean it needs

You might be wondering how a paid cleaner can benefit you. Why trust a professional cleaning company with your housework? Here are a few perks of trusting us with your house cleaning:

  • Your surfaces will stay cleaner longer. Spend less time going over the same spot every week.
  • We use safe and effective chemicals. Cleaning supplies can be dangerous if handled incorrectly.
  • You'll avoid straining your back, knees, shoulders and wrists. Our trained professionals will do the hard labor for you.
Don't waste your weekend cleaning. Trust Clean Up Group NE for your residential cleaning service. Call 207-395-4700 today for a free estimate.